Concepts in a Box Leadership & Film Boot Camp:

This program is an eight-week workshop that exposes 30-40 girls and 10 boys each year to a wide range of entertainment industry career opportunities.  Students learn about all aspects of an industry project from development and pre-production through production and post-production activities.  Attendees participate in a series of exercises that teach teamwork, patience, and elements of creative development.  Teens are granted an opportunity to visit various film productions to get a ‘real world’ feel for the entertainment industry.  The workshop series culminates in a mini-production conceived and executed by the students themselves. Students are also led through a brainstorming exercise that generates a series of story ideas. The students are then taught about the various elements that come into play in choosing, guiding, and ultimately producing creative projects based on their story ideas.  Students then take the idea from concept to final product, working with program staff to plan and implement a performance.


DiamondsN2Coding: Arts and Computer Science Program:

The program is an innovative and creative approach to introduce arts and computer science education in programming through code to teen girls within the urban communities across the globe. Millennial of female gender will be introduced to 21st century computing and technology skills where they will learn the importance of critical thinking of the use of digital media and their influence on the society. They will learn how to analyze and produce multimedia applications that are both visually and functionally.

The program is an eight-week after-school and summer creative lab workshop. Teens are paired up with Mentors and Coaches for an Intensive Instruction, Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop.


Make Money & Millions:

This program is designed to teach teens about the importance saving, borrowing, overspending, protection from fraud and scams, all aspects of how to gain interest on money, and the benefits of keeping your money in a financial institution.  Participants learn about money management, which includes: how to write checks, review bank statements, investments, compound interest, financial advisors and tax accountant, purpose of banking, and how to avoid credit card debt.  In addition, participants have an opportunity to visit a financial institute and learn the daily operations of a bank institution.


You’re Not Listening~ To What I Have to SAY!

This program provides an opportunity for foster care and young girls, ages 15-18 years old, to explore storytelling through digital media.  Participants have a chance to voice their personal issues in society and independently come up with a solution through filmmaking.  Youth are provided hands-on instruction from pre-production through postproduction, and are taught new skills that are honed in on each individual’s creative talents.  The program builds self-esteem and helps young girls who may be introverted, to find their voice, release any frustrations, and learn how to exercise sound judgment when seeking a solution to problems.  Participants meet during after-school hours on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 3:30-5:30, over a four-week period.  In the upcoming year, there will be 15 slots available and each teen must commit to participating in all six sessions. The organization collaborates with the Mary Pickford Mobile Institute, in order to accomplish our mission.


Precious Stones Mentorship Program


Sista2Sista Shadowing & Job Development Program:

The Sista2Sista Shadowing Program gives 10- 25 participants from the HIP/N/SMART Program an opportunity each year to shadow key industry professionals and observe careers that exist behind the scenes. Teens are introduced to resume writing, webinar interview techniques, public speaking and dissemination of business cards.  Diamond in the RAW provides a safe and nurturing environment in which young people are able to learn and develop the necessary skills to function in the workforce and contribute positively to society.  Workshops promote self-esteem, confidence and the ability to find their creative voice.